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Look closer

Improve your observation skills and learn more about the natural world.

This activity is all about observation. Scientists use powerful microscopes to look more closely at things to help improve their understanding of how things work. You can hone your observation skills by taking time to look more closely at the natural world. Prepare to be amazed and surprised by what you see!


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This activity supports the following subjects: Science, Art.



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What do I need?

  • A natural item, such as a feather, flower, leaf, or minibeast
  • Magnifying glass or bug pot
  • Relevant learning resources. For example, if you are looking at a plant, you may want a guide to help identify different parts eg stamen
  • You might want to make a pooter or a bug pot if you are looking at minibeasts
  • Materials to record the specimen such as, pencil and paper. If you decide to draw or paint your item, you will also need materials such as pastels or paints


 RSPB Make and Do activities, Pooter, sucking up specimen

What do I do?

  1. Choose a natural item, such as a feather, a flower a leaf or a minibeast.
  2. Explore the object in detail, feel its texture and look closely.
  3. Draw a detailed picture of what you can see and label it. This could form part of an art lesson about observational drawing. Alternatively you could focus on one artistic element such as texture or colour.
  4.  If you’ve chosen a flower, you might want to dissect it to see what’s inside. This activity could be a practical accompaniment to learning about plant parts in science.
  5. Don't forget to tell us when you have completed the activity! When you mark the activity as complete, you will be asked to upload a copy of your diagram or a photo to help earn your award.
Pond life on clear plastic spoon above jar with pond sample. Hands hold the spoon, jar and red lid in the background.

Completing the activity

Use the 'Mark as complete' button at the top of this page to tell us you've completed your activity. You'll need to show us what you did by uploading a copy of your labelled diagram or maybe a photo taken through a magnifying glass

Get them thinking

Here are some prompts to help with learning:

  • Which skills do you need to use to do this activity successfully?
  • Think about what you notice. Does it remind you of anything?
  • Is there anything you hadn't noticed before?
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