Wave Climate Change march, London December 5, 2009

RSPB climate change campaign

We're working hard to make a difference.

From lobbying government for new climate polices to helping our nature reserves cope with the effects of climate change, here are some of the examples of what we're doing.

How we're helping

  • Develop strategies which will help wildlife to cope with climate change and advocate changes to nature conservation policy.
  • Encourage people to lead greener and more sustainable lifestyles and actively promote green energy.
  • Devise and advocate policies which will cut emissions in the UK, EU and all over the world. We focus mainly on energy and transport because they cause most emissions.
  • Develop our nature reserves to be as protected as they can be against the impacts of climate change.
  • Increase the size of of our nature reserves where we can. Bigger sites are more resilient to changing conditions around them - they allow more space for incoming wildlife to find a home.
Views across the marsh towards Benarty hill, Vane Farm RSPB reserve, Kinross, Scotland