Five ways to enjoy nature this Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, here are five great ways to experience the spooky side of nature in your garden or at one of our reserves.

1. Find Halloween events

Are you looking for a fun Halloween event for all the family? Visit an RSPB nature reserve this autumn to discover things that go bump in the wild. Haaa haaaa haaaaaaa!

2. Things that go bump in the night

Ever wondered what mysterious creatures roam your garden or local nature reserve while you’re tucked up asleep? Be a nature detective and search for the clues they leave behind. Taking part in this activity will get you closer to achieving a Wild Challenge award.

3. Weird and wonderful fungi

Fly agaric fungi in woodland

From yellow brain fungus to dead man’s fingers, which looks a bit like a zombie’s hand, nature is full of freaky fungi. Look high on trees and down in fallen leaves to see what spooky surprises you can find. Remember to look and not touch though – some fungi are poisonous!

4. Build a den for spooky stories

The haunting hoot of an owl. The creak of trees in the wind. Night-time nature provides the perfect inspiration for Halloween tales. Why not build a den in your garden, snuggle up with a blanket and tell spooky stories by torchlight? Now, what’s that rustling in the undergrowth…?

5. Go batty

These creatures of the night have long been linked with Halloween. Although harmless to humans, the common pipistrelle, can hunt down a whopping 3,000 insects a night! Bats will soon go into hibernation for winter, so if you’d like to help give bats a home, try building a bat box.

Go wild in nature

Our reserves are the perfect places to go on a spine-tingling Halloween adventure and try out some of our favourite activities. What will your family discover?