Ancient Oak, Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve

Guardians of Sherwood Forest Appeal

  • 600 years Some of the forest's trees were alive in the 15th century
  • 1,000 Number of ancient oaks which are in need of protection
  • 2018 When we'll assume full management of this legendary location
Our target £250000
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Why Sherwood Forest is worth protecting

Sherwood Forest is famous the world over. But it's not just for the legend of Robin Hood...

This wonderful woodland is also world-renowned for its unique ancient oaks. Every one of these weatherworn trees has watched over this wild kingdom for more than 600 years. They offer shelter and sanctuary to hundreds of species.

But they've also seen their forest home shrink by more than two-thirds in the last two centuries. If they are to survive for future generations, they need nature lovers like you to help them. Donate today and protect this fabled forest for its ancient trees and for all of the wonderful wildlife they sustain.

Home to the highest concentration of ancient oaks in the UK, Sherwood Forest needs to be protected.

Become a Sherwood guardian today and you'll support the start of a special project with us and our partners, ensuring the long-term conservation of this incredible place.

Why Sherwood Forest is so special

As well as being home to the legend of Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest is also home to 1,000 ancient oaks. But they need protecting.

This video demonstrates why Sherwood Forest is so special and why we need to help protect and restore this vital habitat.

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What we'll be doing

Your donation will protect this ancient woodland, starting at the existing visitor centre and car park.

Sherwood's ancient oaks surround the site. But, the facilities are stunting the area's growth, and harming an important collection of trees. We need your help to carefully return this special area to its natural state – healthy heathland and woodland pastures, interspersed with invaluable ancient oaks.

Building on the work of our partners, these key steps below are a monumental mission for the RSPB to make Sherwood Forest an even more magical home for nature.

In 2018, we will assume the full management of this legendary location and, with your help, protect this globally-important ancient oak woodland. Beyond this, you'll enable the RSPB's world-leading ecologists to ensure the forest's future, by bringing an even more scientific approach to its conservation. This will benefit wildlife from agile voles to slithering slow worms; powerful goshawks to diminutive redstarts.

But, to see this special project through, we must raise £250,000 before 11 August. So, please, donate to our Guardians of Sherwood Forest Appeal today.

Ancient oak at Sherwood Forest
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It's guardians like you who can help protect this historic forest.

Relocating the Sherwood Forest visitor centre

The Sherwood Forest visitor centre needs to move - it's stunting growth of the trees that surround it. We're building a new visitor centre and restoring the land where the old one stands.

We are building a new visitor centre to protect the special environment that is Sherwood forest.

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Why we need your help


will grow over six square metres of new heathlands. The Noun Project Icon Template


will shield an ancient oak from harm.


will home the resident bats of Sherwood.