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Centre for Conservation Science

Our team at the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science aims to discover practical solutions to 21st century conservation problems.

We do this by identifying the most important problems, discovering their possible causes, testing potential solutions to those causes and ensuring that they work when implemented. We work both throughout the UK and overseas alongside a wide range of funders and partners.

What we do

Guy Anderson - RSPB Principle research manager, satellite tagging juvenile Hen harrier, Geltsdale, Cumbria
Our scientific programme is an amazing asset, matched by few other conservation organisations.

Meet the team

People doing survey work in the forest, Gola Forest
Our team of scientists works across the four corners of the UK and overseas. Find out more about them.


Conservation Science: Research Biologist Mark Eaton analysing data from the Big Garden Birdwatch
Explore our team's scientific publications.

Conservation Science Awards

The RSPB science award medal

The RSPBs three annual awards to recognise and celebrate excellence in conservation science.

The State of the UK's Birds

Choughs (pyrrhocrax graculus) pair in flight at dusk, South Stack RSPB reserve, Wales
Read our annual report on the state of birds in the UK and it's overseas territories, and explore an archive of past reports.


The State of Nature in the UK and its Overseas Territories. PDF, 8.3Mb

State of Nature 2016

The SUKB report, is a one-stop shop for all the latest results from annual, periodic and one-off surveys and monitoring programmes. PDF, 2.5Mb

State of the UK's birds 2016

The annual report of the Wetland Bird Survey. PDF, 5Mb

Waterbirds in the UK 2014-2015

This case study focuses on the evidence available in support of the RSPB's position on renewables. PDF, 542Kb

Case study no 15: Renewable energy and conservation science

Part of a collection that aims to highlight RSPB science from the last decade. PDF, 389Kb

Case study no 16: Climate change research

Understanding woodland bird declines. PDF, 392Kb

Case Study No. 17: Can not see the wood for the trees!

The UK's leading bird conservation organisations have worked together to review the status of birds in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. PDF, 1.7Mb

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Working with us

The seabird survey team land on Round Island, a difficult island to access, Isles of Scilly
We offer a diverse range of roles and opportunities. Find out how you can be part of the RSPB family here.