Dr Adam Devenish

Conservation Scientist


I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in understanding how environmental change influences species interactions and wild populations. My previous research used interdisciplinary means to look at the trade-offs in Sub-Saharan African agriculture. Focusing particularly on the current and future effects of agricultural expansion on biodiversity loss, and the consequences this has for ecosystem functionality and small-holder farmer livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa.

At the RSPB I am working in Kazakhstan to develop new multi-taxa species monitoring plans using novel sampling methods to assess the effectiveness of the new Bokey-Orda Protected Area.

Partners and Collaboration

  • Dr Joe Tobias - Imperial College London


Dr Adam Devenish

Conservation Scientist

RSPB Centre for Conservation Science, RSPB, David Attenborough Building, Pembroke Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QZ



Agriculture International species New methods and technologies Protected areas