Dr Joelene Hughes

Senior Conservation Scientist, Conservation Science


My research interests and experience are in ecology and wildlife conservation, in particular investigating the social and ecological issues which affect species conservation.

My work at the RSPB involves research exploring aspects of the connection between nature, humans and conservation with the aim of promoting pro-nature behaviour. I have a particular interest in the relationship between nature experience and human health and well-being and am also involved in projects looking at attitudes, awareness, behaviours and perceptions of wildlife.

I have worked both in the UK and abroad within multidisciplinary, collaborative projects, using both qualitative and quantitative data to tackle a range of conservation issues.

External Activities

  • 2014 to present: Research Associate at the University of Oxford

Partners and Collaboration

  • Dr Tobit Emmens, Devon Partnership NHS Trust
  • Dr Holly Cressen-White, University of Bournemouth


Joelene Hughes

Dr Joelene Hughes

Senior Conservation Scientist, Conservation Science

The Lodge, Potton Road, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DL



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