Dr Susana Requena

Conservation Scientist, Conservation Science


I analyse spatial data to assess the extent of marine protection in the UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs). This includes creating the first-ever inventory of MPAs across the UKOTs, calculating the overlap with existing marine IBAs & KBAs and characterising these areas. Also, for the waters around Tristan da Cunha, I am compiling essential scientific information, applying spatial analysis techniques and mapping existing wildlife and fisheries data to inform the design of a regime of protection in its Exclusive Economic Zone.

My work contributes to the assessment of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Aichi Target 11 in the marine environment and Sustainable Development Goal 14, in the framework of the Blue Belts Initiative.    

In my career, I have specialised in the interaction between science and policy, especially in marine environments. I try to fill the gap between the providers of scientific information and the policy and decision makers. I use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to analyse and present the best available scientific information for conservation purposes.    

Before joining the RSPB I worked in various non-governmental organisations (WWF-Spain, SEO-BirdLife), research institutions (Spanish National Research Council, University Autonoma Madrid) and as a consultant to inter-governmental organisations and conservation agencies. I have been involved in the identification, designation and management of protected areas (particularly marine) under different conservation schemes, such as CBD Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas (EBSAs), Natura 2000 sites (both Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas) and the Barcelona Convention (Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance in Open Seas and the Ecosystem Approach process).

External Activities

  • Member of the Benthic Ecology Group, Spanish Scientific Council  
  • Scientific consultant, Mediterranean Action Plan for the Identification of Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance in Open Seas (Barcelona Convention)

Partners and Collaboration

  • Prof Josep Maria Gili, Marine Sciences Institute (CSIC)
  • Dr Daniel Cebrian, United Nations Environment Programme, Mediterranean Action Plan, Regional Activity Center for Specially Protected Areas (UNEP-MAP RAC-SPA)
  • Dr Marzia Bo, Università di Genova


Dr Susana Requena

Conservation Scientist, Conservation Science

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