Victoria Carr CPsychol

Conservation Scientist, Conservation Science


My research explores the relationships between humans, nature and conservation, with a particular focus on the concept of connection to nature. I am interested in how nature activities and other interventions can increase people's connection to nature over time, and lead to pro-conservation behaviours.

My current focus is developing measurement tools to evaluate how effective nature activities are in promoting connection to nature and pro-conservation behaviour.


Victoria Carr CPsychol

Conservation Scientist, Conservation Science

RSPB UK Headquarters, The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DL



Ecosystem services New methods and technologies

Selected Publications

Predicting the Development of Adult Nature Connection Through Nature Activities: Developing the Evaluating Nature Activities for Connection Tool

Nature Connection (NC) is considered an important driver of conservation behavior. Consequently, conservation organizations run many activities aiming to increase NC among participants. However, little is known about which activities are most effective at doing this and why. This study developed the Evaluating Nature Activities for Connection Tool (ENACT), to evaluate the effectiveness of activities for increasing participants’ NC and nature-related intentions. ENACT comprises 11 activity aspects identified through two research phases. In Phase 1, a literature search, focus group and interviews identified desired, short-term behavioral outcomes of nature activities, and variables that might promote these. In Phase 2, 241 adults completed a pilot survey immediately post-nature activity, with 1-month follow-up (N = 145), to evaluate the impact of participation on NC, nature-related behavioral intentions and behaviors. ENACT correlated with NC measures and offered incremental validity in predicting nature-related behavioral intentions and self-reported behaviors after 1 month.

23 March 2021
RSPB Authors
Victoria Carr CPsychol, Dr Joelene Hughes
Published in
Frontiers in psychology
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