General landscape views, Nene Washes RSPB reserve, September 2004

Nene Valley

Nene Valley

The wetlands along the River Nene valley in Northamptonshire form a valuable chain. Each is part of a landscape of international importance for birds like golden plovers, ducks, herons and waders, as well as dragonflies, otters and plants.

These wetlands are the legacy of many years of sand and gravel quarrying, a mix of careful design and happy accident superimposed on an older, agricultural landscape of woodlands and wildflower meadows.

Now the landscape is changing again, as modern urban growth places new demands on land, water and space for wildlife. Our challenge for the future is to ensure that growth and development will support, value and benefit the natural environment – not harm it.


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Futurescapes - Nene Valley

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Nene Washes RSPB reserve, drainage dyke and grazing land

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Futurescapes is all about collaboration. There are many organisations and people involved in managing land in the Nene Valley. Our challenge is working together to find ways of making more space for nature. To achieve this we’re working with:

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