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A sunrise skyscape with graphics of trees, soundwaves and birds overlayed

Join the first-ever Dawn Chorus Festival

Tsseeep! Chirrup! Set your alarm for International Dawn Chorus Day on Sunday 1 May 2022. The Dawn Chorus Festival happens on your doorstep, on your local nature reserve, and online.

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Your Dawn Chorus Festival survival guide

We promise you it'll be worth it! We've got all you need to help you get up early and enjoy the day. Get your Dawn Chorus Festival survival guide for top tips on how to get the best from the dawn chorus - for what to take with you to the best times to hear the top singers.

A group of people watch the sunrise from a hilltop location

Dawn Chorus Festival on RSPB nature reserves

It’s nature's party season and you’re invited to a music festival like no other. The dawn chorus is warming up, and our nature reserves are offering the chance to experience headliners like blackbirds and robins, plus appearances from legends like cuckoos and nightingales. Experts will be on hand to help guide you through the set as it builds through the morning so you won’t miss a note.

A closeup of a robin with its beak open in song

Chirp-chirp! Dawn Chorus Festival LIVE

The Dawn Chorus festival goes social. Tune in at 5am to hear a wonderful dawn chorus soundscape with others across the UK, and join in the conversation using #DawnChorusDay

Festival line-up

See what’s happening on each festival stage of the Dawn Chorus Festival – each habitat’s a different stage. Whether you’re closest to woodland or farmland, the mountains or the coast, we’ll show you the top singing stars.

Cover of the RSPB guide to birdsong book and CD

Need some help with birdsong?

We can help! Get ready for the Dawn Chorus Festival with the handy RSPB Guide to Birdsong - it'll help you learn and identify birdsong step-by-step and at your own pace.