Nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos, side view on branch

National Nightingale Festival

Everyone should hear a nightingale sing. In spring 2017 and 2018, hundreds of people did exactly that, going along to events as part of the National Nightingale Festival and being inspired by these incredible soloists.

Festival organisers

We've celebrated a season of song

Our thanks to our partners in the Festival who have allowed us to include their events under the banner of National Nightingale Festival: Sam Lee's Singing with Nightingales, Essex Wildlife Trust, Kent Wildlife Trust, Sussex Wildlife Trust and the Knepp Estate. The signs are that the British nightingale population took another tumble in spring 2018, so let's hope they have had a good breeding season this year and that 2019 sees as many as possible return. The nation would be all the poorer without them.

Hear the famous song of the nightingale.

Nightingale in song

Help save the nightingale

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