Project Puffin (Puffarazzi) submissions are currently closed while we’re busy analysing all your wonderful photographs. To keep up to date with our work, please follow @rspbscience on twitter or follow the hashtag #Puffarazzi.

Project Puffin

Puffins are one of our favourite seabirds, instantly recognisable with their brightly-coloured bills. Sadly, their numbers have plummeted and they're now threatened with global extinction. We think this may be partly down to lack of food, so we need to find out how the food puffins carry in their bills has changed over time.

This was where you came in. We asked you to become part of Project Puffin's team of "Puffarazzi" by sending us photos that you had taken of puffins with food in their bills, from any year and any colony.

In the second phase of Project Puffin, which ran from May 2019 to September 2020, 1085 members of the Puffarazzi submitted a fantastic 3497 photos. We had photos from 59 puffin colonies around the UK. The colony with the most photos submitted was the Farne Islands (1369), followed by the Isle of May (775) and Skomer (676). These photos go back over many years, which will allow us to look at changes over time in the food carried by puffins. The oldest photo we received was taken on Skomer, in 1979!

Our team of Puffineers

Our team of intrepid puffin volunteers, led by Conservation Scientist Ellie Owen, will be spending the year working on Project Puffin. Their work includes identifying and measuring the fish in Puffarazzi photos; working on the science of studying puffin diet; sourcing photos from online galleries and communicating our findings.