Birds nesting in ‘eggstraordinary’ places

By Kate Slater

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Spring has truly sprung in the UK and blossom buds are bursting, birds are singing their morning melodies of the dawn chorus and flitting and from their nesting sites in search of materials.

Despite everything that’s going in the world at the moment, nature is still open for business and carrying on doing its thing as nesting season is upon us.

A robin was spotted nesting on garden furniture, another pair nested inside a pair of trousers, great tits found a place to rear their young in a ashtray and another robin was spotted using a wheelie bin for a nest. 

Watching wildlife during social distancing and self-isolation; whether from a window, rooftop, balcony or even online can offer many of us hope, joy and a welcome distraction. And it seems that the birds have found some unconventional and strange places to take up residence as reported to the UK’s largest wildlife charity, the RSPB.

Other weird and wonderful spots that the birds have decided to use to rear their young and reported this season include:

·       On a washing machine

·       In a ford Ka

·       A deflated paddling pool

·       The hood of Calor gas tank


Scientists have found that birds can improve their nest making skills with time, meaning the older and wiser birds are more likely to have an innovative nest. Savvy nest building skills are a must, as birds are having to learn to adapt as nature is being squeezed into smaller spaces.

Over the coming days, the RSPB will be helping people to share their wildlife encounters and provide ideas for things you can do for nature close to home. Have you seen any odd nesting places around your home or neighbourhood? The charity is asking everyone to share their photos and videos of unusual bird nests they come across using the hashtag #weirdandwonderfulnests on Twitter and Facebook.


Last Updated: Tuesday 7 April 2020

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