‘Implacably opposed to ridiculous licence’

Wednesday 17 January 2018

Hen harrier Circus cyaneus, female in flight against blue sky, Geltsdale, Cumbria

“The idea that brood management is about helping hen harriers is nonsense. It is about facilitating unsustainable intensive land management which is destroying our uplands. To be clear, the RSPB is implacably opposed to this and as a landowner ourselves, we will never allow it on our land. 

“Hen harriers are on the brink of extinction as a breeding species in England because of illegal killing. The RSPB is calling on Michael Gove to rescind this ridiculous licence and set out a clear plan for ending wildlife crime as a part of the Government’s 25-year plan for environment.”

Full announcement from Natural England - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/licence-to-disturb-and-take-hen-harriers 

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Harry Bellew, Media Officer: 01767 693418 / Harry-jay.Bellew@rspb.org.uk

Last Updated: Tuesday 28 August 2018

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