Policy in Northern Ireland

Find out how we work to make sure that Northern Ireland has a sustainable future for people and nature.

Our Policy Work

RSPB Northern Ireland works across a diverse range of policy areas and employs a team of dedicated staff to understand the threats facing our wildlife and habitats.

Priority policy areas include:

  • ensuring our protected areas on land and sea are managed effectively, moving towards creating a low carbon economy

  • influencing agriculture policy to help halt biodiversity declines in the wider countryside

  • helping to encourage a greater connection to nature for our children through education policy.  

    We work with policymakers from across the political spectrum to convince them of the importance of protecting and enhancing nature now and for future generations.

    We also work with those who have the capacity to bring about positive change to deliver the best environmental outcomes for wildlife, local communities and the economy.

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A Green Recovery for Northern Ireland

Our five-point plan of solutions to help create a more prosperous, resilient and nature-rich future for us all.

The NI Executive is making big decisions on how to recover the economy from the effects of Covid-19, but any decision that doesn’t also tackle the mammoth climate and nature crises will only lead to more risk.

That’s why RSPB NI has created a bold plan to recover nature and mitigate climate change while helping to create employment opportunities in the aftermath of the pandemic. Find out how a plan for a Green Recovery will help build the fairer, greener and more prosperous future we all need.

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