Forsinard RSPB reserve, Sutherland, Scotland

Why use peat free compost?

The large-scale removal of peat from bogs in Britain and Ireland is destroying one of our most precious wildlife habitats.

Alternatives to peat

It takes centuries for a peat bog to form with its special wildlife - modern machinery destroys it in days.

Peat alternatives are available in most garden centres and DIY stores, or you can use your own compost. These alternatives are excellent in the garden if used in the right way. 

Different peat alternatives are available for seeds, potting and soil conditioning. We endorse peat-free, organic, multi-purpose compost.

How you can help

 Gardenroom doorway and herbacous borders, Norfolk

Changes you make to your habits in the garden can help protect our environment. See how green you are and what new steps you can take in the garden.

Start composting

Worms in compost heap

A wildlife-friendly compost heap provides a satisfying feast for woodlice and worms, and in turn can be a brilliant place for toads, slow-worms and even grass snakes.