Making of a large pond

How to Make a Wildlife Pond

Now you've planned your pond you can get digging and go from a hole in the ground to a water wonderland!

Build it and they will come

There are lots of ways to introduce water into our gardens. It doesn’t matter whether our outdoor space is small or large, we can all enjoy what a pond will bring. 

From using found objects or containers, to digging a hole from scratch, we can help guide you through introducing a pond to your garden from start to finish. What’s more, these activities are fun and can count towards your personal plan!

Frog on rock

Build a large pond

Fancy taking on a slightly bigger project? Why not try to build a large pond in your garden!

You can build a pond at any time of year. But in autumn, the ground isn't too wet or dry, so it's ideal for digging.

They can be hard work, but also fun and hugely rewarding. Try it yourself!

Create a mini pond

Anyone can bring a watery habitat to their garden, even in the smallest of spaces. 

Try your hand at building a mini pond!

You can create one without even digging a hole - making it out of a small container such as a washing up bowl or old ceramic sink.

Even a small space like this, can play host to a huge variety of amazing wildlife.

A damp ditch

Even a small amount of water can attract a wealth of wildlife, and a damp ditch or 'rill' can be an easy way to bring a little moisture to your garden.

Although it may not retain water like a pond, a simple ditch will naturally collect the rain and form a lovely damp home for all sorts of wildlife.  

Build a bog

A bog is another great way to bring a little wetness into the world for wildlife. 

It could be an extension of your pond, or simply an alternative choice if you're not sure about having a body of deeper water. You can even create a bog garden in a container if you're very short of space. Either way, it can still create a great habitat for plants and wildlife.

You make a bog garden in much the same way as you would a pond, but much shallower.

  • Dig out an area of shallow ground, big enough so that it won't dry out.
  • Unlike a pond, when you line it you should puncture the lining to allow for some drainage.
  • Plant it with bog-loving plants like purple loosefuit, marsh marigold and water mint. 
  • Enjoy your boggy wildlife paradise and watch it grow and mature!
Boggy marsh