A personal message from Adrian Thomas

From Adrian, with thanks

This is the end of your Six Weeks of Wild course, but it could be the beginning of something very special for you. Adrian wanted to reach out to you with a personal message. Just click play to be whisked away to his own garden in Brighton.

Hello, and welcome back to my garden, and thank you for your company over the last few weeks.

I hope you got the chance to try out some of the activities, or if not at least got some inspiration of things you can do in your gardens to help wildlife.

Now the things that I do in my garden aren’t going to change the world on their own, and yet if I do my bit, and you do your bit, and the 16,000 people who’ve been taking part in this course do their bit, too…well, what an incredible difference that would make for wildlife.

And I realise that I’m deeply passionate about wildlife, in part for its own sake, but also for the value it can bring all of us in terms of health and wellbeing.

And that’s why I work for the RSPB, and why I’m a member of the RSPB.
And if you haven’t thought about joining yet, then please, please do, because your support can really help save nature. It’s in crisis, and we need to put it on the road to recover.

I’m told the best way to find out all about joining the RSPB is to press the big blue button underneath this video.

And if you join right now then you’ll get to receive the RSPB Handbook of Garden Wildlife, which is stock-full of all the kinds of creatures that you’ll find in your own garden.

Now this is the end of the course, so thank you for your participation. If you’d like to follow me on my RSPB blog, then I’m there every Friday, with hints and tips of things you can do.

Keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t forget the big blue button.

Thank you!

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