Grow butterfly flowers and plants

3-4 hours
Spring Summer Autumn

It is important to know what plants to grow, and how and where to grow them if butterflies are to thrive in your gardens and green spaces. All plants for butterflies shoul be placed in a sunny spot to maximise nectar - and butterflies love feeding in the sun!

Step-by-step guide


Choose your plants. We have some recommendations for each season under 'Optional Extras'.


Plan where your plants will go. Think about the sunny, sheltered spots in your garden - your plants will produce most nectar there. Then, plant a nice cluster of key species so butterflies can flit from one to the next.


What to look for. Keep an eye out for butterflies nectaring on warm, sunny days. Don't worry if few butterflies visit in spring – it’s in late summer that more species are about, in greater numbers, and in greater need of nectar.


Be sure to keep your new plants mulched - this will keep the weeds down and help the plants stay moist. Well watered plants produce the most nectar. Those plants that are herbaceous perennials can be left to grow again year after year. Leave the seedheads standing overwinter as extra homes for wildlife, before clearing the spent stems in spring and composting them.

What you will need

  • Trowel
  • Watering can