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New Loch Lomond visitor centre

2016 has been RSPB Loch Lomond reserve's biggest year so far. Emma Wilcock, Community Engagement Officer, reports on a busy few months.

Our new hub

"Our new visitor hub has been open at weekends since April. Visitors have been enjoying the weekend wildlife walks, and events including the family nature day and 4.30am dawn chorus walk. We’ve loved introducing visitors to the reserve’s wonderful wildlife.

Adventure backpacks are proving popular

Along with the new hub, we've also created a nature discovery zone. This area encourages families to explore the smaller creatures found at the reserve. The adventure backpacks are proving popular, filled with all the essentials to help you become nature detectives. Lots of children have been minibeast hunting, and our first minibeast mansion, built by volunteers, has seen a lot of activity.

Speaking of volunteers, we’ve started offering residential volunteering opportunities and our very first volunteer arrived in April this year. We currently have one long-term volunteer, staying on site for nine months, and short-term volunteers, who stay for a week. 

The farmhouse on site is an ideal base for our volunteers

Their extra help is invaluable, as the summer is our busiest time. They've been busy assisting with morning breeding birds surveys, late night spotted crake surveys, mammal monitoring, butterfly transects, site patrols and helping out at events and guided walks. The farmhouse on site is an ideal base for our volunteers – where else could you say you're able to watch ospreys soaring from your bedroom window?

With your continued support, we can manage the reserve for all kinds of wildlife, and encourage visitors to get closer to nature too."

- Emma Wilcock, Community Engagement Officer

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