The main house at the Lodge RSPB reserve, UK headquaters of the RSPB, Sandy, Bedfordshire

RSPB Council

RSPB Council is the governing body of the RSPB. It is responsible for ensuring the Society conducts its affairs in accordance with its Constitution and within the law.

The RSPB Council and Executive Board

RSPB Council

There are a maximum of 18 council members (trustees) including the chairman, treasurer and three country committee chairmen for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They are elected by the membership at the AGM and serve for five years.

The council and its main sub-committees operate to a schedule of quarterly meetings.

The RSPB is governed by a council of volunteers elected for their expertise relevant to running a wildlife conservation charity. An elected council and committees for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales oversee our work.

The council is responsible for the conduct of the RSPB’s affairs and for ensuring that the RSPB operates in accordance with its constitution and the law.

As the RSPB is a charity, the council is also answerable to the charity regulators in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, for ensuring charitable funds are used wisely.

Executive Board

Day-to-day management of the RSPB is delegated to an executive board headed by a chief executive who reports to the chairman of the council. Divisional directors of global conservation, finance, people, fundraising and communications, and UK operations form our executive board.

Council members

  • Kevin Cox (Chair)
  • Robert Cubbage (Treasurer)
  • Kerry ten Kate (Chair, Conservation Committee)
  • John Bullock (Chair, Fundraising & Communications Committee)
  • Jennifer Ullman (Chair, Country Advisory Committee for England)
  • Dr Vicki Nash (Chair, Country Advisory Committee for Scotland)
  • Judith Annett (Chair, Country Advisory Committee for Northern Ireland)
  • Sir Adrian Webb (Chair, Country Advisory Committee for Wales)
  • Helen Browning OBE
  • Linda Grant
  • Rosie Hails
  • Chris Mills
  • Debbie Pain
  • Veronica Pickering
  • John Randall
  • Martin Saunders
  • Matt Taylor

Council Vacancies

After AGM in October, the Nominations Committee met to review the retirement schedule for Council members and confirmed that there will be no vacancies to fill at AGM in 2021.

The recruitment process is therefore suspended until Autumn 2021 when further details will be available regarding recruitment for the following year.

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