Find out what's wild in your patch

How can you find out which creatures share your outdoor space? You can do something called a 'bioblitz.' Our expert, Carolyn, explains all...

Video: How to do your own bioblitz

Carolyn Robertson works for the RSPB in Cardiff inspiring children and their families to enjoy wildlife and the outdoors. Here she challenges you to do a five second Bioblitz and look for wildlife on your Big Wild Sleepout.

Hi my name is Carolyn and I wondered if while you’re doing the Big Wild Sleepout you wanted to take on the challenge of a Bioblitz. So a Bioblitz is where you give yourself a set space and a set amount of time to find as many species as possible, so as much wildlife as possible and you can do it anywhere, your park, your garden, while you’re camping out on your wild night with nature.

So I thought I’d set myself a challenge, just to show you how to do it. I’ve got a little green space here. (Carlolyn points to surrounding area). I’ve going to give myself a challenge of finding five species in five seconds. Do you reckon I can do it? (She pauses) Wow!

Things where you’re going to find stuff living so little samples of nature definitely under this kind of log here. (Carolyn walks towards log on ground and lifts it.) So I’m going to cheat, I should be counting, 5 seconds.

Ooh! (Carolyn sees something move.) OK cool. I’ve got one, slug, hiding under the log. (Carolyn picks up the slug and places the log back down.) So that’s one. (She stands up.)

 So I’m going to count the plants – don’t forget they’re wildlife too, they’re nature. (She bends down and points at a plant.) So I’ve got some nettles and over here. (Carolyn walks towards another plant.) I’ve got some buttercups. (She points to some buttercups.) So that’s three. How am I doing?

(Carolyn walks towards a stone and lifts it up.) And under here is another hidey home. Nothing in there at the moment. Ooh yes! Yes, yes, yes! (Carolyn points underneath the stone then places it back in position). I’ve found some ants.  That’s four.

One more thing. (Carolyn gets up and points to some corrugated iron sheeting.) This kind of thing is brilliant. It’s just a metal sheet and if you leave this on some bare earth and the things that might hide under here are stuff like snakes, lizards and maybe even some newts, slow worms. (Carolyn lifts up the sheet but there is nothing there.) Oh! They knew we were coming.


OK cool. Four species in five seconds. That’s still pretty good, so I challenge you to do the same on your Big Wild Sleepout. Good luck!

You're getting closer to a Wild Challenge award

Doing a bioblitz counts as a bug safari. Tell us you've done it and work your way towards a Wild Challenge award.

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