Lesser stag beetle

Meet your local minibeasts

Make a pitfall trap and you’ll find out more about the creatures that come out while you're in bed.

Get ready

Pitfall trap

You will need 

  • Yogurt pot or plastic cup
  • A piece of wood or tile
  • A few small stones
  • Trowel
  • A small piece of banana
  • Scissors
  1. Make small holes in the bottom of the cup or pot.
  2. Choose a place for your pitfall trap. Somewhere with plenty of plants around will be good – that’s where your bugs live.
  3. Dig a hole the size of your pot or cup.
  4. Push your pot or cup inside so that the rim is level with the ground.
  5. Put the stones on the ground around the edge of the trap, then rest the tile or piece of wood on top so that the trap is sheltered. Make sure you leave some gaps between the stones so that bugs can find their way in!
  6. Put the banana bug bait inside and add a couple of leaves to give your bugs shelter.
  7. Leave the trap overnight and then check what’s inside.
  8. Once you have collected your bugs and looked at them, remember to take the pot out and release them again. Remember not to leave any pots in the ground. 

Be kind to bugs

Only put out your trap on a dry night, otherwise the poor creatures might drown! Let them go again where you found them.

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