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A blurry close-up of many climate banners being held aloft by protesters.

Join the Global Day of Action on 6 November 2021

We’re coming together, all over the world, to demand change from leaders at COP26. We need urgent solutions to combat the nature and climate emergency that affects us and the wildlife we all love. This is the fight that unites.

Wave Climate Change march, London December 5, 2009

Why take part?

You’ll join millions of others across the world, all taking part in a historic moment. It's your chance to give nature a voice in the nature and climate emergency. You can be part of this, and you can make change happen.

You can take part in the way that most suits you: you can take to the streets and march at an event near you (they're happening all over the UK), or join the digital World Climate March.

If you need a bit more inspiration, watch our video featuring RSPB supporters and staff from across the UK and our CEO Beccy Speight, talking about why they're marching to revive our world.

World Climate March

Join the digital World Climate March

If there isn’t a march near you, or you prefer to show your support online, we haven’t forgotten you! You can join the digital World Climate March. You simply march 1.5km, wherever you are, at a time convenient to you. The 1.5km represents the 1.5 °C temperature rise limit for global warming, which is vital for avoiding further disasters. You can complete your march in any way you like – on your own, with friends or family, with your dog, or neighbours. Get dressed up, or not – it’s completely up to you!

NB: We are supporting this event, but it's not organised by the RSPB.

A group of people with placards at a climate march

Where else can you march across the UK?

The COP26 Coalition are organising marches across the UK on Saturday 6 November. We’ll be marching in Glasgow, Birmingham, Belfast and Cardiff, and we’d love to see you there. See the COP26 Coalition website to find out about other marches.

A bird in focus in foreground with a blurred person reclining in background

What's your #MyClimateAction?

Whether you attend a march or make a placard, share it using #MyClimateAction. The more actions, the louder the noise for nature.

Lucy holding a placard that reads 'Tits getting hot in here'

How to be the voice of nature

We’ve got everything you need to be the voice of nature. Get inspired by RSPB’s Lucy Hodson and her sustainable placard video, or feel free to let your own imagination run wild.

Here are the messages we want leaders to hear from the march. You can use them as a springboard to create your own placards and banners:

  • This is a nature and climate emergency.
  • The decline of nature affects us all.
  • We need to keep global warming below the 1.5 of pre-industrial levels.
  • Keep 1.5 alive.
  • When we come together, we can change the world.
  • This is the fight that unites us all.
  • Together, we can revive our world.
A woman at a climate march holding a sign that reads 'Respect our planet'

'This is all new to me!'

If you’ve never been to a march before, welcome! We’re so glad you’re planning to join us. We’ve put together a handy how-to guide, so you know just what to expect. Get the lowdown on what to bring, what to prepare for, how to find us, and how to keep safe in Covid-19 times.

If you’re attending an event in Birmingham, Belfast, Glasgow or Cardiff, you’ll find us with other nature conservation charities in the ‘biodiversity block’. Look out for the RSPB logos!

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Child writing

Need help drawing a bird?

If drawing’s not your strong point, never fear! You can definitely still create a placard to bring along with you.

We’ve got some amazing artists on board to help you. They’ve created a step-by-step guide to drawing your favourite birds, which you can then add to your placard. So you’ll be able to learn a new skill, showcase your artwork, and shout loud for nature – all at the same time.

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