Local economies

Local places are critical to recovering nature across the UK

A focus on place

Marazion Marsh RSPB reserve and St. Michaels mount, Cornwall

Nature’s recovery depends upon reconnecting fragmented habitats and reconnecting people to the natural world and to the landscapes in which they live. It is often at the local level people benefit from – and impact upon – nature. Focusing on nature and local economies is a crucial way to advocate for change and provides opportunities to build support, particularly from communities who might otherwise be overlooked.

Nature-positive places

Aerial image showing Glasgow from the River Kelvin, showing lush greenery, residential areas and the city, under a cloudy sky

Through our Valuing Nature Plan, we are working across the UK to identify initiatives which put nature at the core of local economies. We are sharing learning and providing local governments, businesses and communities with the tools to move towards a nature-positive world. This will not only support local decision-makers to deliver more benefits from their spending on nature but also help show the impact of local action.

Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS)

A part of the Environment Act (2021), Local Nature Recovery Strategies will be a key means through which to align spending and action for nature in local places across England. The RSPB is working to ensure these strategies deliver for nature and that they are informed by the best science and are accessible for everyone. These strategies are crucial to help local action deliver national progress for nature.