Award categories

Award categories

Celebrating the inspirational people, projects and partnerships across different aspects of nature conservation in Scotland, the Nature of Scotland Awards 2022 are open for entries until 30 May.

We have 10 awards to choose from, you can enter more than one category as long as you tailor your entry to the specific award details below. We are especially pleased to launch our new Citizen Science Award and our refreshed Business for Nature category.

It’s easy to take part:

  • Find out more about our award categories below
  • Next, download the relevant practice form (using the blue buttons) to help you develop your answers. Please note we have a main application form and a separate version specifically for the Citizen Science Award
  • Now you are ready to enter by completing the relevant application form


Nature of Scotland Awards 2022 Logo, with RSPB Scotland and NatureScot logos in the top corners

Business for Nature Award

Sponsored by NatureScot
Businesses have a critical role to play in fighting the nature and climate emergencies. We want to recognise those who can demonstrate a whole business approach to helping nature in Scotland. We welcome applicants from any business, big or small, from any sector.

As a business owner or manager, the decisions you make can make a positive impact for Scotland’s habitats and wildlife – business can benefit nature. This award celebrates companies which grasp the opportunity with both hands and go beyond token gestures towards saving nature. We want to hear from businesses in all sectors and of all sizes from the small businesses using their knowledge of local wildlife to the sector leaders making real changes for nature.

Tell us what you set out to achieve in benefitting nature, and how this fitted with your corporate objectives. We’re looking for evidence of positive impact, not just offsetting.
Explain how your business has taken steps to tackle biodiversity loss, actively reduced its environmental footprint or gone above and beyond normal business practice to benefit nature. Applications will be judged based on the impact delivered in proportion to the size of business and available resource. 

Citizen Science Award


Sponsored by SAGES

Volunteers can make a crucial contribution to our understanding of the natural world. And the more people understand their impact, the more they will feel inspired to spend their weekends and evenings as scientists’ eyes and ears in nature. You don’t need a degree in science or years of training to increase the world’s knowledge about wildlife – sometimes you just need a little time, and a passion for nature.

Does your scheme engage, enthuse and channel the efforts of volunteers to conduct research or monitoring for nature conservation in Scotland? Citizen science projects can be of any size and from a range of disciplines, from monitoring species and habitats to the physical environment. The winner of this award has a special opportunity to promote its work as they will be chosen through a public vote.

Coasts and Waters Award


Sponsored by Scottish Water


Scotland’s seas, lochs and rivers are home to some of our most iconic animals; leaping salmon and playful otters, graceful seabirds, and inquisitive seals. If you’re involved with research, partnerships or schemes that help protect nature in Scottish waters, apply now so your project can get the recognition it deserves.

This award celebrates the outstanding contributions that are helping nature thrive in Scottish marine and freshwater habitats. Whether it’s an innovative project that has had real impact or someone who is connecting people with marine or freshwater habitats we want to hear from you.

Community Initiative Award


GreenPower - Sponsor.jpg

Sponsored by GreenPower


People take pleasure and pride in the nature they see everyday. Greenspaces are used, protected and cherished by the people local to them, more than anyone else. This award will go to an outstanding community-based initiative that clearly demonstrates what they have done for the benefit of nature. The project should be developed and led by the people it serves, acting as an inspiration to others and offering real value to the whole community.

When we come together we can achieve amazing things, and this last year has brought that into clear focus. Show us how your community has worked together to benefit nature in your local area.

Forest and Woodland Award

Confor Logo cmyk new green.jpg


Sponsored by Confor


Trees, woodlands and forests have a vital role to play in addressing the nature and climate emergency and can provide a range of benefits. They store carbon, are homes to wildlife, provide timber, inspire art and are great places for recreation. This award celebrates our sustainable forestry and woodland champions and is open to applications from individuals, businesses, communities or organisations who are creating and/or managing woodlands.

Whoever you are, you will be going above and beyond standard practice, and placing nature and wildlife at the heart of your activities. You might be a wildlife-friendly forester, a community making the most of your local woodlands or a farmer and other land manager exploring innovative new approaches which bring benefits for wildlife and people. Applicants with forests and woodlands of all types and scales will be considered, from small woodlands or urban planting schemes through to landscape-scale projects. 

Health and Wellbeing Award

Nature is so important for our wellbeing. This award celebrates initiatives that encourage people to engage with nature for their mental and/or physical health and promote a reciprocal relationship with nature. We welcome entries from individuals, communities or organisations who work to demonstrate the positive impact of nature upon human health.


In particular, we are keen to hear about projects which focus on inclusion and on fresh approaches that make nature accessible to all, from digital projects to outdoor adventure schemes. The initiative should inspire people to protect nature, having experienced the health benefits for themselves.

Innovation Award


Sponsored by James Hutton Institute


Have you pioneered a first of its kind project focused on saving nature? Did you take a new approach to conservation? Has your initiative or partnership broken new ground in the fight to protect habitats? Nature is in crisis - 1 in 9 species in Scotland are at risk of extinction, we are running out of time to save it. Now is the era for trailblazers to step up and channel their skills.  


This award is a salute to the innovators on nature’s side, whether it’s a campaign, study, habitat restoration or other initiative. Take pride in being different to the rest and make sure you get your application in. We want to raise up innovators so they can inspire others to protect Scottish nature. 

Nature and Climate Action Award

ScotPow Vert_Neg_lrg (1) (1).jpg


Sponsored by ScottishPower


Nature is crucial in the fight against climate change: it has never been more important to keep carbon locked in our peatlands, forests and saltmarshes. And nature can help prepare us for extreme weather driven by climate change. If we let them, our coastlands and peatlands can help protect us from rising sea levels and flooding, green walls can insulate our buildings and urban greenspaces can cool our cities. These are examples of “nature-based solutions”.  


Climate change isn’t something that is happening on a far-away continent. It’s the single greatest threat to nature. We’re looking for individuals, projects or organisations who are harnessing the power of nature to tackle or adapt to climate change. It could be through harnessing innovative technology, research or a restoration project. 

RSPB Species Champion Award

The Ardmore.png Sponsored by The Ardmore 


Help us celebrate the exceptional achievements that individuals are making for Scottish species and habitats. One person’s passion for the natural world can lead to significant positive outcomes. You can apply for your own work or nominate another person’s successes.   


Celebrate a person with a knack for public education and for inspiring others, or a species guardian fiercely committed to conservation and research. Perhaps your nominee is an unsung hero who is overdue praise for their achievements or a respected groundbreaker. Sing their praises in your application to us.  

Youth and Education Award

This award honours schools and youth groups which make a difference for Scotland’s wildlife and habitats. We want to see evidence of what you’ve done in nature, through nature, about nature and for nature.

Perhaps you raised funds for a conservation related project, connected young people to the natural world or developed hands-on learning about nature. Eco Schools and Green Flag members need to show they have gone beyond the scheme requirements. Give your application the best chance of scooping the top spot and tell us how the young people involved became more engaged with nature and give us examples of what they did to protect wildlife.

For many conservationists, the fiery passion for saving nature was ignited at a young age. If you think your school or group is nurturing budding wildlife enthusiasts who are delivering real benefits for nature, we want to hear about what you’ve achieved!

With thanks also to Turcan Connell for supporting the creation of our trophies.