Puffin Fratercula arctica, group, Isle of May National Nature reserve

2013 winners and shortlist

Congratulations to our 2013 finalists and winners!

Our 2013 awards

Thank you to everyone who entered the awards in their second year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our entrants, sponsors, supporters and volunteers who facilitated and encouraged the production and delivery of the second annual Nature of Scotland Awards. It was with your support that the event was a great success!

A total of 73 entries were attracted across eight categories, and just under 300 guests attended the awards presentation dinner at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in October 2013.

Details of the award winners and highly-commended can be found below. 

Fair Isle Marine Environment & Tourism Initiative, Nature of Scotland

Our winners

Marine Conservation Award

  • Winner: Nick Riddiford, Fair Isle Marine Environment and Tourism Initiative

Nick Riddiford has been working tirelessly since 1989 to establish better marine protection around Fair Isle. The ultimate goal of this initiative is a management regime sympathetic to the long-term needs of the sea and its users; most particularly the island community for whom a healthy, protected marine environment is socially and economically essential. Find out more about The Fair Isle Marine Environment and Tourism Initiative.

Sustainable Development Award

  • Winner: EAE's Biodiversity Garden

Sustainability has always been fundamental to EAE's operations and the company has invested in numerous initiatives to enhance the biodiversity of their site. Key amongst these has been the establishment of a biodiversity garden. The site creates a green biodiversity corridor in a sterile industrial setting, providing habitat where indigenous plants and wildlife can prosper. To date the garden hosts over 90 indigenous plant species and 30 bird species as well as other visiting wildlife.

Community Initiative Award

  • Winner: The Ecology Centre, Kinghorn

The Ecology Centre is a unique charity which uses experience of the environment to change lives. Their environmental Education and Volunteer programmes bring people together from different backgrounds with a varying range of abilities. Find out more about The Ecology Centre, Kinghorn.

  • Runner up - Snapberry: Collaboration between SNH and Lochgilphead High School

Snapberry uses photography to connect local school students with the astonishing natural landscape of Argyll. The wider community are treated to a spectacular outdoor town centre projection, and outdoor photographic exhibition at Taynish NNR. The project started from an SNH/Lochgilphead High School collaboration and has become a trail blazing part of Curriculum for Excellence and an eagerly awaited annual community event. Find out more about Snapberries.

Politician of the Year Award

  • Winner: Rob Gibson MSP

Rob Gibson MSP is a long-term champion of natural Scotland - he is an advocate for the importance of our natural environment, in itself as well as to the people, culture and economy of Scotland. Both as an individual member, and as Convenor of the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee, he leads debates and helps shape opinions that pave the way towards a sustainable, natural Scotland. 

Innovation Award

  • Winner: Cairngorms Wildcat Project

The Cairngorms Wildcat Project brought the plight of the ‘Highland Tiger’ into public consciousness and proved that each and every one of us can play a part in wildcat conservation. Strong relationships with partners, estate managers, gamekeepers, farmers, vets and cat welfare groups demonstrated that by working together there is still plenty of hope for the Scottish wildcat. Find out more about 

  • Runner up - Scottish Beaver Trial

The Scottish Beaver Trial is the first formal reintroduction of a mammal species anywhere in the UK. Beginning in May 2009 the trial is scientifically monitoring the ecology and impacts of a reintroduced population of wild Eurasian beavers. The findings are due to be considered by the Scottish Government in 2015. This will lead to a decision on the future of this remarkable ‘ecosystem engineer’ across Scotland. 

Oustanding Contribution Award

  • Winner: Alan Watson Featherstone, Founder of Trees for Life charity, restoring the Caledonian Forest

Alan Watson Featherstone founded Trees for Life in 1986 to help restore Scotland’s Caledonian Forest and all its species. Under his direction it has grown into an award winning charity, with over a million trees planted by thousands of volunteers, and which owns the 10,000 acre Dundreggan Conservation Estate near Loch Ness. Find out more about Trees for Life.

Youth and Education Award

  • Larbert High School

Since 2011, Larbert High School has worked with the local community and partner organisations to safeguard Carron Dams SSSI. Their hard work has helped turn this nationally important site from an underused, neglected area into a thriving nature reserve; enjoyed by local people and used by pupils throughout the curriculum. Find out more about Community Projects.

  • Runner up - Slamannan Primary School Bean Goose Project

Where Have You Bean Geese? Slamannan is the winter home for the only flock of Bean Geese in Scotland. The area is protected but their summer breeding grounds are unknown and vulnerable. Forty-four pupils from Slamannan primary school were trained in scientific techniques and the latest technology to discover these grounds in an innovative SNH, RSPB and school partnership. Whilst having fun, these children are learning the practical application of science and are contributing to the long term conservation of the bean geese. Find out more about Slammannan Primary School being Shortlisted for Nature Award.

RSPB Species Champion Award

  • Winner: Clive Craik, Saving West of Scotland Common Terns and The South Shian Tern Rafts

This seabird conservation project has grown steadily since it began in 1996. Four mussel rafts in Loch Creran have been converted for use by nesting terns and now hold one of the largest tern colonies in the British Isles (600 pairs of Common Terns fledged 500 young in 2012). Fences keep the terns safe from their two most destructive predators – mink and otter. Find out more about Clive Craik.

  • Runner up - John Moir, Farming for Food and Corn Buntings

John Moir has successfully implemented Corn Bunting management measures into his commercial farming system, resulting in a 157 per cent increase in the population of this otherwise rapidly declining farmland bird on his land. John is a great advocate for wildlife within the farming community, readily welcoming other farmers to events on his land to see his work and speaking out for wildlife. Find out more about John Moir.

RSPB Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Winner: Professor Aubrey Manning OBE

Prof. Aubrey Manning is a name widely recognised and respected throughout the worlds of nature conservation and broadcasting. As an eminent animal behaviourist he has held many prominent academic positions and won many awards in recognition of his life's work. At the end of his academic career at Edinburgh University he took up television and radio work, which made not only his name but his face and his voice familiar to millions.

Throughout his long career, Aubrey has been a deeply committed nature conservationist, serving time as Chairman of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, and winning the Zoological Society of London's silver award amongst other accolades. He is an extremely worthy recipient of this special award. Find out more about Professor Aubrey Manning OBE.

Our shortlist

The judges reached their final decision, and this was the shortlist for the second Nature of Scotland Awards.

The shortlist represents a cross section of businesses, charities, the public sector and individuals working toward conserving the country’s unique wildlife and natural environment. 

Marine Award

  • Guy and Juliet Grieve, The Ethical Shellfish Company, Mull
  • Nick Riddiford, Fair Isle Marine Environment & Tourism Initiative
  • Silurian – The Floating Classroom
  • Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN)
  • The Restoration of the Loch Ryan Oyster Fishery

Sustainable Development Award

  • EAE’s Biodiversity Garden
  • Parklea Community Sports Facility
  • Riverside Nature Park
  • The Crown Estate - offshore renewables enabling actions programme 
  • Guy & Juliet Grieve, The Ethical Shellfish Company, Mull

Politician of the Year Award

  • Rob Gibson MSP
  • Alison Johnstone MSP
  • Claire Baker MSP

Innovation Award

  • The South Shian Terns Rafts
  • Scottish Beaver Trial
  • The Gramps Project
  • Cairngorms Wildcat Project

Outstanding Contribution to Nature Conservation

  • Ian Burrett – co-founding member of the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN)
  • Alan Watson Featherstone – founder of the Trees for Life charity, restoring the Caledonian Forest
  • Marco McGinty – played a key role in the Stop Hunterston coal-fired power station campaign
  • Calum Duncan- Marine Conservation Society Scotland Programme Manager

RSPB Species Champion Award

  • Clive Craik – Saving West of Scotland Common Terns/ The South Shian Tern Rafts
  • John Moir - Farming for Food & Corn Buntings
  • Angus MacIver – Bean geese at Slamannan
  • Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN)
  • Cairngorms Wildcat Project

Community Award

  • Da Voar Redd Up
  • Snapberry – Collaboration between SNH & Lochgilphead High School
  • The Ecology Centre, Kinghorn
  • Mill Farm Quarry, Bardon Aggregates
  • WDC Shorewatch Programme

Youth & Education Award

  • Slamannan Primary School Bean Goose Project
  • Larbert High School
  • North Berwick Wildlife Club at the Scottish Seabird Centre
  • Magical Woodland Walks, Rowanbank Environmental Education
  • The Upper Nurture Class
  • Positive Achievements