Marmalade hoverfly

  • Scientific name: Episyrphus balteatus
  • Type: Insects

Key information

This colourful little insect is one of many species of hoverfly that occur in the UK and is one of the few with an English name in common usage.

The marmalade hoverfly is a common visitor to gardens where it nectars on flat-topped flowers and rests on vegetation. There is often an influx of them from the continent and at such times large gatherings may form.

It is a small, orange and black banded hoverfly and is widespread and very common. Hoverflies are useful insects to encourage in your garden as most species, including this one, feed on aphids.

What they eat:

The larvae eat aphids. Adults are nectar feeders in garden flowers.

Identifying features:

Natural habitats: Flower border Herb garden Woodland area

Where and when to see them

Marmalade hoverflies can be seen all year round.

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