Let Nature Sing

Sound takeover for businesses

What is the bird song takeover?

Let nature Sing, full-throated song

We want to bring bird song to five million people via workplaces, public spaces and homes. It’s a day to let policy makers know that we don’t want bird song to disappear.

How do I get involved?

Listening to bird song helps with focus and gives a sense of wellbeing, benefiting both staff and customers. We’d love for your business to take part in the takeover.

We want to help as many businesses as possible to get involved, whether that’s playing bird song in your premises, using bird song as “on hold” music or hosting a bird song gathering over lunch.

If you’re a business and you'd like to take part, you can contact us via letnaturesing@rspb.org.uk

If you're a member of the public and want to get your local business involved, we have lots of tools to help.

Businesses taking part

From railway stations to high street retail brands, businesses big and small are joining us for this special day. For example, Ecotricity will be playing bird song over their car park tannoy system, using bird song as their phone hold music and sharing their support on social media throughout the day.

How do I get a local business involved?

It all starts with a chat! If you're a customer, patron or just want to encourage a local establishment to get involved, visit our 'Involve a local business' page to find out more.

Listen to bird song

Birdsong radio banner

Why not have a break and let the beautiful sounds of bird song wash over you right now? You can download the Birdsong Radio app, stream bird song from our site, or stream on Spotify.