Let Nature Sing

Bird song takeover for businesses

On 17 October, we brought bird song to millions across the UK. From railway stations to high street retail brands, businesses big and small joined us for the special day.

What is the bird song takeover?

Let nature Sing, full-throated song

We want to bring bird song to five million people via workplaces, public spaces and homes. It’s a day to let policy makers know that we don’t want bird song to disappear.

Businesses taking part

Ecotricity played bird song over their car park tannoy system, used bird song as their phone hold music and shared their support on social media on the 17 October.

Throughout the day, Co-op Radio played bird song to customers in more than 4,000 Co-op stores around the UK.

Thanks to Transport for London, Commuters and tourists at Westminster and Southwark Underground stations enjoyed the sounds of bird song whilst they went about their days. In Northern Ireland, Translink NI played bird song on the PAs at all NI train stations twice an hour.

BT offices in Cardiff and Swansea played bird song and used their call centre office big screens to show the Let Nature Sing video all day.

Bird song could be heard at 200 locations across Scotland, including Kelvingrove Museum, V&A Dundee and the Skara Brae Visitor Centre. A Let Nature Sing Cocktail, designed by Grey Goose Vodka, was on show at the Edinburgh Cocktail Festival.

Listen to bird song

Birdsong radio banner

Why not have a break and let the beautiful sounds of bird song wash over you right now? You can download the Birdsong Radio app, stream bird song from our site, or stream on Spotify.