Puffin peeking out from burrow

Adopt a puffin

  • 8 million Number of puffins we face losing over the next 50 years
  • 70% We aim to make nearly 3/4 of puffin islands rat-free by 2020
  • £3 a month This regular donation will help puffins to soar once more

Save our puffins

Everyone loves a puffin! Colourful in character and nature, they're our 'clowns of the sea'. It really is no laughing matter though, as this special bird is now as much in danger of extinction as the African elephant, polar bear and lion. 

Sadly, if current declines continue, the UK could lose up to eight million puffins over the next 50 years. Think how tragic it would be for future generations to miss out on this marvellous bird!

Populations are plummeting as rats have overrun some of the most important islands where puffins breed. Not being native to seabird islands, rats are a nightmare for puffins. Tragically, they eat thousands of chicks and eggs each year. And it’s far from smooth sailing out at sea, too. Puffin chicks are starving in the far north of Scotland as sandeels – a vital food for parent puffins and their young – become more scarce, and harder to find, due to climate change.

We need to act now to stop the puffin’s slide towards extinction.

Adopting a puffin is a wonderful thing to do. To say a huge thank you, we'll send you: a cuddly puffin toy to welcome into your home, an adoption certificate - so you can name your puffin, a fun-packed fact file full of puffin information and activities, four puffin postcards and, later this year, an exclusive copy of the 'Puffin Post'.

Puffin Fratercula arctica, group, Isle of May National Nature reserve

Listen to the unique sounds of the puffin

Puffins filmed in their natural habitat - coastal cliffs in the UK.

Puffins filmed in their natural habitat - coastal cliffs in the UK.

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The thought of losing puffins from our seas and skies is unbearable. But you can help their numbers fly again.

What we'll be doing

As non-native rats are a very real threat to the future of our puffins, you’ll be helping to remove them with the aim of ensuring that 70% of the UK’s puffin islands are protected from the threat of rats within three years.

And you’ll allow us to work with the government to help establish Marine Protected Areas that could support seabirds like puffins. They're like national parks out at sea, and help protect sandeel stocks from harmful fishing and offshore development - providing puffin chicks with a steady supply of succulent food they can rely on for dinner. Your backing will also support further work to support puffins on our marine-based reserves such as Bempton Cliffs and Rathlin Island.

By adopting a puffin today, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re doing your bit to help them. Together, we can ensure that our children and grandchildren grow up in a world where puffins don’t simply survive, but thrive. And that’s something you can be hugely proud of.

Please adopt a puffin today from just £3 a month.

Puffin at breeding colony, Garbh Eilean, Shiant Islands, Scotland

Why we need your help

By adopting a puffin you'll be helping to:

  • Eradicate non-native rats from puffin islands
  • Prevent rats invading islands free of them
  • Establish more Marine Protected Areas
  • Support the work that happens on flagship reserves like Bempton Cliffs.
A puffin with fish in its beak