Help us stop upland burning

Help stop a moorland wildlife emergency that affects us all

  • 8 Years

    Our uplands store as much carbon as the UK emits in 8 years
  • 85

    confirmed incidents of UK raptor persecution in 2019
  • 2/3

    of upland species are in decline


£208,507 208507

Help us reach it


Save our moorland wildlife today

Our moorlands and their wildlife are suffering in the grip of a nature and climate emergency. We need your help now, to bring our moors back to life. By working with nature we can save hen harriers, curlews and mountain hares. By keeping our bogs wet, and stopping managed burning, we can keep more carbon safely in the ground and stop erosion from floodwater.

Upland burning threatens our beautiful upland and the wildlife they support

You can move mountains to save our uplands

See how your support today can help transform the uplands for wildlife, people and the planet. We must restore our uplands to their natural state, before it’s too late.

Windswept moors
can be wild again

£15 could plant more native upland trees
£30 could keep carbon in the ground and slow floodwaters
£50 could help birds of prey to spread their wings