Land management

RSPB Scotland have been working with farmers and crofters for the last thirty years on corncrake conservation. These rare birds need sympathetic land management to survive.

Small changes

Small changes make a big difference – click right for a flavour of how farmers are cutting hay and silage in a corncrake friendly way to help maintain habitats for these small birds or here for the full video.

We can help

RSPB staff throughout Scotland can help provide advice on conservation interests on farms and crofts and facilitate entry into agri-environment schemes. We can also help with farmland bird surveys and ecological monitoring.  

Land management agreements

Through the Corncrake Calling project we can offer short- and long-term agreements. The 'Corncrake Initiative' offers annual payments for delayed cutting or grazing of grasslands in corncrake hotspots. Land Management Agreements offer longer term solutions such as creating larger and better habitats. Agreements are tailored to the land, its conservations interests, and its management.

Become a corncrake champion