Great Cormorant flock migrating through a Pyreneean valley


Migration - the regular movement of birds and wildlife from one part of the world to another and back again - is one of the wonders of the natural world.

Migration is a form of adaptation. Birds migrate to survive. Learning about migration is one of the best ways to understand the risks that birds and other animals must take in their daily lives - and it's a great way to interpret the changes you can see in the bird life around you.

Through the oceans

Aerial view of ocean reef, Henderson Island

It's not just birds that migrate - some deep ocean fish migrate daily! We take a look at underwater migration stories.

Other migratory animals

Hummingbird hawk moth

It's not only birds that migrate. Animals of all shapes and sizes - from butterflies and eels to turtles and reindeer - are also on the move every year.

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