Let Nature Sing hits #18 in the charts! What do the birds say?

Friday 3 May 2019

In spring 2019, we asked some of nature’s top songsters to get together and help raise awareness of the huge declines of wild birds in the UK. What happened next amazed us all.

The birds came from the woods, from the marsh, from the reedbeds, and from the garden, and together, they made history.

On International Dawn Chorus Day 5 May 2019, Let Nature Sing reached #18 in the UK’s music charts. More than 23,000 people downloaded the pure bird song track. And the message got through.

We asked the birds how they’re feeling, now they’re chart-topping celebrities.

To make it into the charts? That’s something special. You don’t hear music like ours as much as you used to – maybe this is the start of our big come back, like the good old days.


lns popstar Nightingale 1184x395.jpg

I’m better known for my classical work of course. But I was happy to take part in something a little more ‘pop’ for a good cause. More people should appreciate bird song, in every form.


1184x395 Syklark.jpg

It’s true, I was the first one they approached. To make this message heard, it needed to reach people’s hearts, not just their ears. And Darlin’, when I purr, it goes straight to the heart.

Turtle dove

Turtle dove lns 1184 x 395.jpg

In a fen, with the wild wind as yo’ neighbour, you gotta make a big sound if you wanna be heard. Your robin steals the show with the tricksy stuff, but lighting up a crowd with a bugle takes style.”



Last Updated: Wednesday 28 August 2019

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