Fireworks over a park

Fireworks and birds

The issue of fireworks and their impact on wild birds is a common cause for concern, especially around Bonfire Night in November.

Do fireworks cause harm to wild birds?

There is little evidence to suggest that fireworks harm wild birds or affect their conservation status.

Available information suggests that the effect of firework displays on birds is little different from that of a thunderstorm. However, we will continue to monitor the situation and research to ensure the best course of action for wild bird conservation.

Setting off fireworks close to nesting and roosting birds can cause disturbance. To minimise any adverse impact of fireworks on birds, we urge organisers of firework displays to avoid launching the rockets near to sensitive wildlife areas, such as nature reserves, and nesting and roosting sites for wild birds.

It is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act to recklessly or intentionally disturb a Schedule 1 species whilst it is in, on or near a nest during the breeding season. Where people are aware Schedule 1 species are nesting in the area, such as barn owls, then they need to take necessary steps to try and ensure no disturbance is caused.

Time lapse of night sky and stars over park