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Actions for Nature

We all know how important the natural world is to our wellbeing – and that’s become more apparent than ever.

From enjoying the uplifting sound of birdsong through an open window, to getting a welcome dose of fresh air and exercise in a local park, people across the UK are turning to nature for solace, perhaps for the first time.  

What actions are you taking?

It’s a great time to embrace the renewed appreciation for the world around us and work together to build the future we want to see. It’s time to take #ActionsForNature

Whether you feed your neighbourhood wildlife, lobby your MP, write a protest song or eat less meat and dairy, we’d love to know what actions you’re already taking for nature – big or small. Take a photo or video and share it with us. By sharing your actions you can help to inspire others to do their bit too, and create a positive movement. You can use the form below, or #ActionsForNature.

Activists work together making a difference in Tyne And Wear, Tynemouth Beach | The RSPB
Taking actions for nature - children picking up litter, children in a class with Isobel Bartram, Mark Crisp planting in his garden | The RSPB