Make a house for frogs and toads

Frog on rock
3-4 hours
All Year
Not too tricky

Create a winter den for frogs, toads and newts. Amphibians like to hibernate in a cool, dark and damp shelter that is safe from predators. They like to get a little way underground if they can, so give them a helping hand by creating their very own hide out where can sleep through winter and emerge refreshed and ready to go for a spring of mating and spawning. Get out there on a warm, damp spring evening and you may see one of the inhabitants heading off to look for love or feast on your slugs.

Frog on rock

Step-by-step guide

Make a frog and toad abode video screenshot

Choose your location.

Pick a shady, secluded spot where you can dig 30-45cm deep. You don’t need a pond, but if you have one picking a spot within a hop and a leap of it would be ideal. If you've already dug a damp ditch for diversity, you could use part of the bank you created for this.


Dig a round hole with a flat bottom, about the depth of a welly boot.

Fill it with stones and logs. You want the rocks to be stable and not collapse, but don’t pack it all down. A higgledy-piggledy pile will create a brilliant underground maze of holes.


Continue to pile material up above ground level into a low mound.

Be sure not to mow over it in summer!


To cap it off, put some rocks and soil back over the top.

Don’t close up all of the entrances - you still need to be able to see lots of gaps around the edges. You can pile the soil over the back half of the den so the front entrances are clear of soil.


Finishing touches

To help your amphibians feel even more protected, sew wildflower seeds on top, add a few logs or leave the grass to grow. Over time your den will sink, but it should last a few years. After that, you can rebuild your den in the summer months.


Why not pop out with a torch on a damp evening in spring or summer to see if any residents are emerging?

What you will need

  • Cut-off twigs and branches
  • Logs
  • Old bricks or large stones