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Spread the word

No matter how big or small your space is, whether it's a blank canvas or well-established, if you’ve got loads of experience or none whatsoever – anyone can do this, and our nature needs you. It’s easy to help the nature on your doorstep.

Sharing is caring

There’s a great way to make sure that your efforts to help the wildlife on your doorstep are having the maximum impact, and that is to let others know what you’re up to.

It may seem like blowing your own trumpet, but actually it is more about sharing your enthusiasm. By inspiring people, it is likely that they will go and do something similar themselves, which will mean more wildlife in many more gardens and a richer world for everyone. Don’t keep all the good things that you are doing a secret!

Two collared doves perched on a covered bird table

Good news stories

There are all sorts of ways to get the message out. It can be as simple as talking to your neighbours about what you are doing when you have a chat over the fence, or by showing friends and family what you’ve been up to when they come to visit.

If you’re savvy on social media, get sharing, whether that be your stories or photos. Or maybe you could go ‘old school’ and write something for the parish newsletter or local bulletin.

For kids, it can be a great subject for a ‘show and tell’ at school.

Some people put little signs in their front gardens to let passers-by know that their garden is a home for nature – what a great idea!

A woman and child crouched next to a wheelbarrow, gardening together

Be part of the community

Maybe you could also share your skills and help out with community gardening initiatives, or even start your own.

And, of course, get involved with the RSPB’s Nature on Your Doorstep community. Ask questions and seek advice, share your photos and ideas, and let others know all about your successes. Let’s create a bustling online community of people inspiring each other to help wildlife.

A bee pollinating lavender flowers

A little love goes a long way

So, go on, share the love and tell others about how to help the nature on our doorsteps. Let people know that by making little changes to their outdoor spaces, they can make a big difference for wildlife. Spread the word - it will go a long way to helping save nature.

A few handy hints

  • Share your successes and inspire others to help wildlife too
  • Talk to your neighbours and show friends and family what you’ve been up to
  • Share your photos and stories on social media
  • Write an article for your parish newsletter, local magazine or newspaper
  • Encourage your children or grandchildren to get involved and do a ‘show and tell’ at school
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Wellies planted with flowers

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