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Everyone can help the nature on their doorstep. Whether your space is big or small, whether you’re an expert or a complete novice. We’ll help you get started.

Sharing is caring

Maximise the impact of your wildlife gardening and inspire others to help the nature on their doorstep by sharing what you’re up to. Don’t keep your good work a secret!

Whether you have a chat to your neighbours over the fence, show off your garden to friends and family or share photos on social media, it all helps to encourage more people to help the wildlife in their garden.

Be part of the community

Once you have transformed your outdoor space, you could share your skills with community gardening initiatives, or even start your own.

We always love to see what you've been doing to help the wildlife in your own gardens - use #NatureGardenChallenge, share on our Community, or join the Nature on Your Doorstep facebook group.

Ask questions, seek advice, share photos and ideas. Together we can create a bustling online community of people inspiring each other to help wildlife.